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Pre-Assess to be the Best!

Are you PCI PIN compliant and if not what can you do to be ahead of the game for your next QPA assessment?

All VISA validating participants, i.e. acquiring institutions, processors, and Key Injection Facilities (KIFs) which are responsible for PINs are mandated by VISA to submit a PCI PIN AOC (Attestation of Compliance) every 24 months.

How do you know you are ready for your PCI PIN 3.0 assessment?

Have you done a PCI PIN pre-assessment yet?  Because many organizations think because they passed and were compliant with PCI PIN 2 years ago, so they think they are ready to bring in a QSA to complete their next assessment.  However, bringing a PCI QPA (Qualified PIN Assessor) in too soon to perform the actual assessment may turn out to be a big mistake. The wasted cost and hours of time spent when a QPA  arrives for the engagement only to find the organization has many compliance issues that need remediation.

This is poor planning, so that is why a pre-assessment is a much better way to ensure you are ready to undergo your actual assessment with a QPA.

GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS will interview your teams, and review  your documentation to ensure that all PCI PIN requirements are being met, along with evaluating your facility’s security measures to identify areas that need improvement for you to become compliant.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals do a complete pre-assessment and analyze the existing gaps that impact a company’s PCI compliance status.

Benefits of having GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS do pre-assessment.

Once the analysis is completed, feedback and remediation checklist items will be presented and share with management. The entire process helps firms stay organized and guides their efforts to remediate the compliance gaps and in advance of the actual  QPA PCI PIN compliance validation assessment.

Remember that the quality of the compliance activities is only as good as the quality of people performing the activities.

GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS is an expert with PCI PIN and will work with your team to address any potential audit findings and show you the best business practices for your organization.  So schedule a complete PCI PIN Pre-Assessment to avoid an unpleasant surprise when your PCI QPA comes on site, and ensure you are ready to be the Best in the industry.

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