Expert Payments Security and Encryption Consulting

The founder and owner behind GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS is Donna Gem,
a leading authority in the Payments Industry for the assessments and remediation of informational risk.

Donna began her established career in the payments industry 28 years ago, starting with TransNet in 1992. During this early stage of the payments industry, debit cards were a new concept and most people were unfamiliar with what they were and skeptical about using them at a merchant location to purchase goods. At the time Transnet was a small, but a very successful transaction processing company, and Donna was responsible for the daily reconciliation for all debit card transactions. With the company’s success through the years came several acquisitions whereas the company eventually became known as “Paymentech”; one of the largest processors in the country in the early 2000s. Donna was promoted several times from manager of debit operations to Senior Director and overseeing four unique operational departments with 20 staff members.

As the payments industry expanded at a rapid rate, so too did Donna’s career within it. During her 24 years at Paymentech she managed complex conversions that encompassed 100,000 merchants going from master session to Single DES, then later to Triple DES encryption keys for all Point of Sale (POS) terminals. In addition, she established the initial zone encryption keys for each of the directly connect debit networks, while at the same time ensuring day to day reconciliation of debit transactions for twelve POS debit networks.

2012 lead to her to a role as the senior product manager for Debit POS & Key Encryption. This involved undertaking projects which required partnering with Development teams to bring new innovative debit products to market all the while managing the compliant creation and deployment of symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys.
In 2014, Donna’s role within Chase continued to evolve as she became Manager of IT Security and Risk. Among her tasks within this role were acting as Encryption Delivery Manager for Paymentech’s 18 encryption service vendors to ensure compliance with payment industry regulations. In addition, she continuously improved the implementation methodology and documentation for encryption key management processes.

It was due to her long-established career and wealth of knowledge and experience that Donna was snapped up by the GEOBRIDGE Corporation in 2016, firstly acting in the role of Director of Professional Services, and within 18 months promoted to Vice President of KEES. Donna’s expertise meant she was the subject Matter Expert for all Encryption Key Management engagements, along with being the Project Manager of multiple US and Global customers.

With almost 3 decades worth of experience in the payments industry, working for some of the most prominently established companies, Donna could not be better placed as an expert in POS, Encryption for Payments, and PCI compliance to launch her own company, which is the reason behind GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS. The background and experience of the company’s founder gives businesses the confidence to allow GEM SECURITY SOLUTIONS to handle any of their information security pre-assessment, remediation, comprehensive employee training and the extensive documentation required to become compliant with PCI.

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